A non-smoking family cafe and restaurant…

… Králík v rádiu in Prague 8, just a few steps from the Křižíkova underground station, meets the specific needs of children and their parents. We have high chairs, children’s portions, a play corner with babysitting, or actually more of a playroom, where you can even eat and drink with your children.

We prepare vegetarian meals, gluten-free meals and we have no problem accommodating the requirements of lactose-free or nut-free snacks. We also offer regular meals with meat. The whole restaurant is non-smoking.

We are used to seeing spilled drinks or food scattered on the floor, as well as children who don’t want to sit at the table; we are baby-friendly. Generally, the children only eat in the restaurant, as they spend most of the time in the playroom.

We prepare all meals fresh every day, we use no ready-to-eat products or substitutes. We use butter in the desserts instead of hardened vegetable fat; we put broth in soups and gravies instead of water, e.g. for pasta, unless they are vegetarian, etc. Actually, there is a huge broth pot on our stove almost constantly.

Everything is cooked and baked directly at Králík, so we know what we put in the food, and that it is good for little kids as well.

Do not hesitate to visit us even without children  The restaurant premises are just like any other.


There is always food for coeliac patients on our menu. We bake part of the desserts without flour, or using corn flour, and we prepare original Mexican tortillas from Masa harina flour.


We offer soy or rice milk. Every week, we get fresh tapioca puddings. We are able to prepare most meals in a meat-free version.

Kids’ meals and half-size portions

There is always at least one meal suitable for children (little salt, no strong spices, etc.). You can choose between full and half-size servings in most meals.

Standard offer

  • Hot drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer/Wine
  • Soups/Main courses
  • Crepes, Pancakes and Muesli
  • Omelettes
  • Sandwiches and Muesli
  • Desserts
Ristretto, Espresso, Macchiato … CZK 44

Espresso lungo … CZK 46

Espresso doppio … CZK 65

Americano … CZK 49

Cappuccino … CZK 49

Cafe Latte … CZK 55

Chai Latte … CZK 55

Hot chocolate … CZK 49

First Tea, different flavours (teapot) … CZK 39

Fresh mint tea … CZK 45

Fresh ginger tea … CZK 45

All served also in the decaf version or with soy or rice milk.

Tap water with meals 0.3 l … free

Non-carbonated mineral water by the glass 0.1 l … CZK 9

Sparkling mineral water by the glass 0.1 l … CZK 9

Matcha  0.25 l … CZK 59

Home-made lemonade 0.3 l … CZK 56

Home-made lemonade 0.5 l … CZK 64

Home-made lemonade 1 l … CZK 99

Organic apple cider Rubín, different flavours 1 dcl … CZK 16

Milk shake 0.3 l … CZK 69


According to the daily special. Usually:

Bernard (bottled) alcoholic and alcohol-free … 0.5 l … CZK 45


Merlot 0.1 l … CZK 35

Chardonnay 0.1 l … CZK 35

Bottle of Italian wine (based on current offer) … CZK 490-870

More wine according to the current menu.

Robby Bubble 0.7 l … CZK 119

Bohemia Sekt 0.7 l … CZK 279

Prosecco 0,7 l … CZK 299/369

Soups – according to the daily special

0.25 l … CZK 49

0.4 l … CZK 65

Home-made bread, 1 slice … CZK 13

Main courses

According to the current menu in the restaurant. Please see our front page.


  • with premium quality jam (see our daily offer) … CZK 99
  • with vanilla curd and raisins … CZK 99
  • with ham and Gouda cheese … CZK 99
  • with goat cheese, dried tomatoes, rocket … CZK 109

… we serve to 11am

Banana pancakes

  • with oatmeal, maple syrup, sour cream (2 or 4 pcs) … CZK 89/129

… we serve to 11am and from 3pm


  • baked muesli with fruits, honey and white yoghurt (150g) … CZK 79

… we serve to 11am

Omelettes with homemade bread and small salad

  • with ham, cheese … CZK 109
  • with champignons, leek, olives and cheese … CZK 109

… we serve to 11am

Sandwiches of homemade bread

  • Croque Monsieur – ham, Gouda cheese, dijon, bechamel, small salad … CZK 119
  • Croque Madame – ham, Gouda cheese, egg, dijon, bechamel, small salad … CZK 129

… we serve to 11am and from 3pm

According to the daily menu … CZK 12-79

We bake and make our own desserts.

We also offer gluten-free and lactose-free desserts.

We do not use eggs from cage farming.

Information on allergens will be provided on request. All meals are meant for immediate consumption!




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