Playroom and kids’ corner

How the playroom for children at Králík works

The playroom at Králík is unique:

  • There is a babysitter present at all times, so if you want to sit in the cafe, your child can play in the playroom under the babysitter’s supervision
  • Eating and drinking are allowed in the playroom – this is very popular with lots of parents. They can sit in the playroom at a table with coffee or something else, they can even have lunch here, with the children coming for a bite now and again, but otherwise the children play alone (or with the babysitter), and the parents can enjoy the time spent on their own.
  • For our regular guests, we have unlimited permanent passes at a special price
  • Outside the playroom, the restaurant is operated as a regular restaurant and cafe
  • The playroom offers a programme for children – singing, drawing, rhyming, fairy tales – the programme is provided for by the babysitters according to the schedule, the activities are included in the entrance fee (for the current schedule, see the homepage of this website)
  • The entire kids’ corner/playroom offers mostly activities to develop fine motor skills, handicraft and vocabulary
  • Stop by for a treat on your way from the park

The playroom is suitable for children from their birth to approx. 6 years of age. Older children can visit us, too, but from our experience we know that our activities are more suitable for the younger ones.

The babysitter in the kids’ corner at Králík

The babysitter is present constantly throughout the working hours of the playroom/kids’ corner. The babysitters provide activities according to the schedule (singing, drawing, rhyming…), they look after the children, making sure the children are behaving considerately to each other, and they offer games or activities to children, suitable for their age and abilities.

Please feel free to ask the babysitters at any time to pay attention to your child, to look after your child, or to entertain or hug them!

Within the framework of the babysitting, the babysitters are capable of looking after toddlers or infants, too, all you need to do is ask. This allows the moms to rest for a moment. From our customers, we know that they had no idea how great the babysitter was until they tried one out in our playroom.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are sitting in a restaurant or in a playroom, the  babysitter is always included in the entry fee for the playroom and she actively attends to all the children who desire that.

Králík v rádiu also offers short-term babysitting! In this case, the child stays in the playroom with the  babysitter, and you can deal with anything you need outside the premises of the cafe.

  • Price list
  • Facilities
FOR OUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS – unlimited permanent passes for 10 hours for CZK 300.

WITHOUT THE PERMANENT PASS: CZK 60/1 hour,siblings free of charge. In case of spending more than CZK 250 in our cafe, we offer a 50% discount for the playroom. That means you pay CZK 30 for every hour.

The entry fee in the playroom includes all activities such as singing, drawing, dancing, etc.

The rules of the playroom

1. Please TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES before you enter the playroom, or use the slippers. Toddlers who do not walk yet can keep their shoes on.

2. The entry of any animals, including dogs, in the playroom is forbidden.

3. If you want to leave your child in the playroom unattended while staying in the cafe, PLEASE INFORM THE BABYSITTER.

4. If you want babysitting for your child/children and wish to leave, i.e. leave the playroom and the cafe, please ask for the short-term babysitting. The babysitter will fill in a form with you. For safety reasons, we do not babysit more than 5 children at once. Short-term babysitting can be booked in advance at the phone number: 732 428 929 or at the e-mail address:

5. Eating and drinking IS ALLOWED. in the playroom. Please secure drinks and snacks against being knocked over and against other accidents. Please have your refreshments under control.

6. The playroom is WITHOUT SERVICE. Please order your snacks at the bar. The bartender will then bring your order to you. For each additional requirement regarding food and drinks, please come to the bar again.

7. Please DO NOT CHANGE YOUR CHILDREN’S NAPPIES in the playroom. Please make sure that you only change the nappies on the changing table by the toilets, which will ensure your privacy and the privacy of other visitors.

8. We respect children and understand them, so they can walk and crawl anywhere. Please make sure they do not enter the kitchen, where they might be injured.

9. If you are in the playroom with your child, please prevent any aggressive and destructive behaviour on his/her side. In other words:In our playroom, children must neither fight nor destroy the toys.. Thank you for understanding.

There are costumes available for the children (a cat, Superman, mouse costume, water fairy, etc.), there are plush toys, toys for toddlers, rhyming and picture books.

There are toy cars, building blocks, toys to develop soft motor skills, board games.
There are plenty of papers and crayons, including books and toys supporting the development of soft motor skills and learning.

Regular activities in the playroom

  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Pillow fights and more
Organized based on the children’s interest several times in the morning (9:00 am – 3:00 pm) or afternoon (3:00 pm – 9:00 pm), according to the shift schedule on the homepage.

Length: approx. 15 minutes

Suitable for children from 1 year of age and older.

The children sing, dance and play musical instruments (cymbals, wooden sticks, triangles, rattles) to simple children’s songs.

Drawing activities are carried out throughout the morning or afternoon, according to the playroom schedule, with children who are interested.

If your child is creative, please ask the babysitter to attend to him/her.

Pillow fights and other “naughty activities” are carried out according to the mood of the children in the playroom, and depending on which babysitter is taking care of the kids.
Please follow the playroom schedule on the homepage.

A permanent pass to the playroom for 10 hours costs CZK 300 (CZK 30/hour). The permanent pass is unlimited and transferable, and may be purchased at the bar. Siblings free of charge!<br />

The babysitters are available for babysitting

Do you want to relax without your children? Ask the babysitters in the playroom to attend to your children. They are here for you.

You can eat and drink with your children in the playroom

Go ahead and have coffee in the playroom with your children, or lunch, or just a dessert. Please order at the bar, we will then bring the meal and drinks to you in the playroom.

Our babysitting fee is CZK 120 per hour

If you need to arrange something outside the cafe.


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